Ole Miss Theta Bid Day 2013


What’s in my Longchamp, featuring Marco the Jack Russell 🐶

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Ideal fall outfit
Would you consider yourself affluent?


A synonym for rich, I wouldn’t call myself affluent. I wasn’t born into money, I don’t get whatever I want, and my parents have worked for every dollar they have. I’ve lived in a steady household in terms of money, and as I grew older my parents business has surely gotten much busier. I don’t think even if I was super loaded that I would call myself rich, there’s such a bad connotation on that word and those who are super rich often times don’t even recall themselves as that. I think the word successful is a much better fit, successful to me encompasses more of a holistic life rather than just money itself. There is also an appearance vs. reality to wealth, some of these people can’t afford anything they have. Obsessed with looking perfect and luxurious, they buy things they can’t afford. I have been taught to respect the boundaries of money, and buy what is appropriate. My parents never buy something they can’t afford, and this calls for a much more relaxed and steady lifestyle.


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The fall pictures are starting to reappear and I’m not sure when is the appropriate time to start rejoicing..

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